Godzilla and Irish Nachos

In honor of The Bear’s birthday, we trundled off yesterday to see The Livin’ Large Lizard’s Latest Legend.  There are numerous reviews out there for you to peruse if you are insufficiently familiar with The Large One. This latest installment does not fail to do the series justice.

Following the film – I know a tough act to follow – it was time for the birthday dinner. The original plan was to attend the North Florida Food Truck Cook- Off at The Landing on the river in downtown Jacksonville. Unfortunately, sore backs precluded this idea, no matter how much we wanted to try the shrimp tacos from the number one food truck in J-Town – On the Fly.

Plan B had better be good, and it was. We all piled into the car and headed out to the Beach to Culhanes’ Irish Pub and Grill. Earlier in the week Yak 6 had seen the restaurant on a rerun of Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives  and the Birthday Bear decided he wanted to scope it out. Disappointed in missing the Food Truck Contest, it turns out, we were not. Atmoshere, service and food were all top-notch.

We started off by sharing Irish Craic Nachos:

Irish Craic Nachos

Crispy crinkle cut chips loaded with “SWEET” Shepherd’s pie, queso, shredded cheddar cheese and topped with jalapenos, scallions and sour cream. Enough to feed an army!

These were over the top delicious, with homemade (we think) potato chips instead of tortilla chips and their Shepherd’s Pie instead of chili. However, the shepherd’s pie looks and tastes a lot like a sweet chili. Mouthwatering!

On to the main courses:

Yak 6 ordered the Kyle’s Fish and Chips:


Best Fish N' Chips in Jax

Fresh Atlantic cod dipped in beer batter fried in peanut oil to a crisp perfection. Served with seasoned fries, tartar sauce & lemon wedge.

The menu proudly claimed these to be the best in town and we would be hard pressed to argue with them. The fish was perfectly done, not greasy and very flavorful. The “Chips” were good sized, slightly seasoned and fried just right.

The Birthday Bear decided upon the Guinness Beef Stew, which was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and in Guy’s Cookbook- “Guy Fieri’s Favorites.”


Guinness Beef Stew

Certified Angus Beef braised in Guinness beer and slow cooked with barley, baby portabellos, carrots, onions & diced potatoes in a savory gravy.

Even though it was not a cold winter’s night in the River City, this tasty dish sure warmed the belly and put smiles our faces!

Your humble scribe chose the Bourbon Guinness Ribs:

Bourbon Guinness Ribs

Baby Back Ribs Marinated in Bourbon, Guinness, herbs and spices slow roasted to fall off the bone tender. Served with seasoned steak fries and collard greens.

Note that I substituted the collard greens with corn salsa. They were not kidding about “fall off the bones tender” – when I went to slice off a couple of ribs for the Birthday Bear, they literally separated as soon as my knife touched one of the ribs. These were the best ribs I have had in more than a few years! The corn salsa was well received – tasting very similar to Yak 6’s recipe, minus the black beans. The steak fries (“Chips”) I thought were just right, but the Birthday Bear would have preferred just a bit less spices.

After the main courses were devastated, Jenny (our server) recommended the bread pudding for dessert. She was right – it was delicious. Unfortunately for posterity, no photo was taken, but it was of good size, with whipped cream on the side, and a large scoop of vanilla ice cream mounted on top.

We unanimously decided this was a “Go Back Place” and can’t wait to return! Since it was our first visit, Jenny gave us a discount coupon for our next visit and since my natal anniversary is right around the corner…

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